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  • E-GALLERY - the gallery administration system is a complex tool for running graphic galleries on the web site. Each registered user has got his/her own administration panel in which he/she can manage the gallery. From the panel level, user can add both finished works as well as graphics being in the process of production. It is also possible to place animations. It posses many functions such as creating works miniatures or graphics automatic security by a watermark. Galleries can be divided into categories and subcategories. There is also a system of evaluating graphics as well as commenting all works.
  • GUESTBOOK - the software enabling to leave inscriptions in the Guest Book. It is a specific sign that a web site made a great/poor impression on the guest and he/she decided to share his/her notices with an owner. The guest book makes accessible full test formatting, changing colors and font size. It's got inbuilt administration panel enabling its user to delete inscriptions as well as the whole book management.
  • SEARCH-BROWSER - the necessary tool on each web site containing a huge amount of data. It enables visitors to obtain information in a fast and friendly way. It is possible to develop it by adding the optional searching criteria such as a price or a date.
  • FAQ SYSTEM (Frequently Asked Questions) - the software used to build the specific help section i.e. answers to the most frequently asked questions. It enables to ask questions, create categories and search engine. It's got inbuilt administration panel used for management of the FAQ content.
  • RSS (Really Simple Syndication) - the publication and reading messages system in a modern format of the rss channels.

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