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Unix software used to execute other applications (as php scripts, that can modify database information) periodically (exact to one minute) without user interference.
• JavaScript
The object-oriented scripting language used on websites. Most often used to ensure interactivity, forms validation and to build user interfaces. The Java Script technology allows us to create user friendly websites which are easy to handle and offer the most advanced functions in connection with the PHP technologies.
• XML (Extensible Markup Language)
The language being a base for development of others technologies such as XHTML, SMIL or SVG basied on the tree structure i.e. data marked by tags and attributes shaped with a structural form.
• DHTML (Dynamic HyperText Markup Language)
The technology operating on the browser-side, used to dynamically change the content, appearance, behavior as well as the location of the separate website's elements.
• XHTML (Extended HyperText Markup Language)
The Internet technology constituting a connection between the XML and the traditional HTML, designed in a way so as it could be used together with CSS , serving to fix how data contained in XHTML can be represented. The advantage of this technology is a possibility of interaction with others languages based on the XML thanks to using namespaces.
• ActionScript
The object-oriented programming language based on the ECMAScript used in the Macromedia Flash's environment to control movie clips display and create multimedial applications.
Flash is a name of the internet technology developed by the Macromedia company. It is used for creating "movie clips", multimedial presentations mainly on the Internet sites. This technology, allowing to join vector graphics (very small files) and bitmaps (very precise details mapping), enables to create advanced, interactive presentations and interfaces equipped with sounds and even films.
• 3D Studio MAX
3dsmax is a software enabling us to make full 3D visualizations and place them on the websites in the shape of a static graphic as well as a flash graphic and animations.
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