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Software for e-shop with standard from programistic point of view options.



E-shop is equipped with system for content management, which is used by administrator for defining division into assortment groups, manage main categories, subcategories and groups for subcategories, adding, editing and deleting products in given groups, defining list of current promotions, and news being on sale. Application is also equipped with products search browser and the orders history of each registered users being visible from the main page level as well as administrative panel.



Procurement Module used in unrestricted auction on painting thin-layer horizontal marking on national roads in the Province of Lodz by the General Management of National Roads and Highways in Lodz.



Sofware for billingual site of laundry equipped with CMS.

The order was executed as a subcontract from the company MIMO Multimedia in Lodz, 54 Gdańska street. Realization did not include graphic design, cooperation with MIMO ended in 2010.
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